About Us 


Corinne M. Scanlon, M.A., CPC

Masters of Art in Human Services Counseling & Life Coaching

Masters in Education (M. Edu.):  Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism (in progress)


Professional Consulting & Coaching for Parents and Caregivers having a Child with Special Needs

Strategic * Solution-Focused * Client-Driven * Strength-Based

  • Corinne lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and three children.  She is an experienced special needs parent.  Her consulting practice  follows a strategic, solutions-focused, client-driven, and strength-based approach to overcome the many challenges faced when raising a child with special needs.  Through confidential and professional coaching practices, Corinne maintains a deep respect for a parent’s intuitive insight and devoted sense of responsibility.  She is known for her ability to transfer skills related to problem-solving, resourcefulness, patience, perseverance, and adaptive strategic thinking.

Please see Consulting Sessions to schedule an online session.  In-person sessions are available to those living in Northeastern Pennsylvania by calling/texting 570-574-8069.