Now Accepting Personal Essay Submissions for Inclusion in our Weekly Publication,

“We Hear Your Voice”

  • Personal Essay Applications can be submitted by clicking the corresponding icon below.
  • Complete your personal essay and click submit.
  • Your essay should tell of a personal experience you would like to share in raising your child having special needs.
  • We are requesting inspirational essays that convey the challenges faced within families having a child with special needs.
  • Stories that convey these challenges with respect to how these challenges are overcome through the practice of spiritual disciplines, problem-solving skills, and perseverance will be strongly considered for publication.
  • For a very comprehensive essay writing guideline, please see https://owlcation.com/academia/Essay-Form-and-Structure-How-to-Write-an-Essay. 
  • Please do not submit an outline for your essay but only submit your final essay product.
  • Two personal essays will be featured each week in our publication “We Hear Your Voice”.
  • Selected authors will be paid $40 per essay.  Authors will be notified one month prior to publication.  At this time, authors will also receive payment via their selected payment method.
  • There is no limit to the number of essays a writer may submit for publication.
  • Applicants submitting a personal essay need not be a subscriber of our publication, “We Hear Your Voice”.
  • Essays will be kept on file for possible publication for one year.
  • Special Needs X Three, LLC. reserves the right to accept or reject an essay for publication.  Also reserved is the right to revise essays in terms of grammar and writing without changing the content of a Personal Essay.

Our Resource Center consists of resources that we strive to offer to our site visitors.  Promotional opportunities exist in the following categories:

  • Special Needs Products
  • Special Needs Professional Programs
  • Special Needs Professional Services
  • Literary Resources

Visitors to our site are encouraged to submit a “Promotional Opportunities” application by clicking the corresponding icon below.

Visitors may submit any resource which they have found to be supportive relating to their experience with special needs.

Visitors with professional interests may submit an application promoting their product or service with the goal of helping families of children having special needs.

Professionals submitting a “Promotional Opportunities” application are asked to pay a one-time advertising fee of $50 and provide two professional references.

A percentage of advertising profits will be allocated to our Financial Assistance Fund as well as to cover administrative costs.

Special Needs X Three, LLC reserves the right to deny any submitted promotional request or terminate any promotional agreement at any time should professional, quality or ethical standards be violated by the professional or entity affiliated with the promotional agreement. 

Our publication, “We Hear Your Voice”, contains two “Question & Answer” sections per Volume.  

Visitors to our site are welcome to submit questions relating to raising one or more children having special needs.

Selected questions will be answered and published by our Certified Professional Coach.

There is no cost to submit a “Questions & Answer” application.

Applicants submitting a question need not be a subscriber of our publication, “We Hear Your Voice”.

“Question & Answer” applications can be completed and then submitted by clicking the “Question & Answer” icon below.